We’ve got a long way to go (still).

With the rise of the #metoo movement, increasing polarization of opinions, and human rights under threat, it seems like the perfect time to be more proactive about defining the social spaces we occupy and starting a dialogue about how we interact with one another. Have a look at some of our examples - we're sure you have others. NEST is a way of preventing these kinds of scenarios and tackling them when they do arise.

We'd love to live in a world where something like NEST doesn't need to exist. But the reality is that we're not quite there yet. We hope that by adopting NEST in your social group, we can work together towards that utopian goal of a truly equal, safe and inclusive society.

It's not going to be easy. No one wants to talk about this stuff - it's awkward, and these are sensitive, emotion-fuelled topics. You may find some resistance to this type of social change; it is a big step. If so, we hope you will use that opportunity to try to find ways to talk about these tough issues together in a calm, non-threatening, inclusive way.

Social topics can be divisive and result in an "us vs them" mentality, which only serves to isolate each other rather than bring people together. We will only ever see true social change if we can quell the fire behind our passionate viewpoints long enough to truly listen, and look for ways of finding an agreed common social ground. 

We hope you will join us in trying to reduce the bystander effect, and take part in making the world a safer, more inclusive place for everyone.